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Andrée Laurier has also published dozens of articles in Canadian magazines (music, cultural or mainstream), and adapted many Canadian Government programs into French. She was a serious candidate for the title of International French Editor at the United Nations.


In short...

Andrée Laurier has worked as a translator, an interpreter, a journalist, a staff writer and an assistant editor in a few magazines, she has written poems, advertisements, slogans, short stories, cards, letters, recipes, amateur web pages. Earlier on, she rented apartments and wrapped roses. And once upon a time, she studied quite a few languages.

She still loves to travel, although she has been staying put to write and publish fiction these last few years:

Quartiers divers, short stories with Claude Mercier, Anne-Michèle Lévesque, Daniel Giguère et Françoise Bell, Vents d’Ouest (1997).
L'étrange maison d'Elseva, novella, Humanitas (1995). (Excerpt)
L'Ajourée, novel, Vents d’Ouest (1998) ; XYZ (2008). (Excerpt)
Mer intérieure, XYZ (2000) ; Lévesque éditeur (2013). (Excerpt)
Le jardin d'attente, novel, XYZ (2001) ; Lévesque éditeur (2013). (Excerpt)
Horizons navigables, novel, XYZ (2006). (Excerpt)
Le Romanef, novel, Lévesque éditeur (2011).
Avant les sables, novella, Lévesque éditeur (2011).

... all of which have had excellent reviews in Canada and in the United States.